Accelerated Access Review

A review entitled ‘The Accelerated Access Review’ has now formally been launched. This is looking into patient access to medicines, devices and diagnostics and was instigated by the Minister for Life Sciences, George Freeman MP, before the General Election. Since George Freeman has been given the pharma, biotech and industry responsibilities formerly held by Earl Howe, he is in a strong position to implement the review’s recommendations. Three areas have already been identified under the review as areas in which there is significant potential for reform: regulation, reimbursement and uptake.

The review itself is chaired by Sir Hugh Taylor, a former DH Permanent Secretary who is intelligent, easy to get on with, and well-respected.

Organisations and individuals can be involved in the review in a variety of ways, from responding to the consultation, joining virtual working groups and attending events and workshops. You can find out more about the review here:

Published on 18. June 2015 in News UK