Launch of Accelerated Access Review Engagement Website

The Accelerated Access Review engagement website has now gone live.

The website is open to all and asks specific questions to help frame the discussion about achieving quicker access to transformative medicines and medical technology.  This will be a dynamic engagement tool and the content will grow as the conversation progresses. All comments will feed into the wide ranging evidence base the Accelerated Access Review team are collecting and analysing to support the review’s Chair, Sir Hugh Taylor, as he develops his thinking.

The aim of the review is to gather views on areas including the current regulation landscape, making more use of fast track processes, how the NHS can adopt transformative new medicines, and what the financial landscape is like at the moment. All underpinned by patient views. Once the review team have collected and analysed all of the evidence, Sir Hugh Taylor will report back to government with a range of clear recommendations by the end of the year.

Published on 16. July 2015 in News UK