Repository of innovative procedure without the nomenclature (RIHN)

As part of the development of health innovation, the Ministry of Health (DGOS) sets up a permanent support for innovative medical biology and anatomic pathology. This allows an early support of innovative and transitory acts. This support is conditioned by the achievement of a prospective comparative data collection to validate the clinical efficacy, the clinical utility and the cost-effectiveness of these innovative procedures. Once the level of evidence is sufficient, if it is used in current practice, the innovative procedures may be assessed by the CNEDiMTS. If there is a positive assessment, the procedure will be reimbursed through traditional pathway (retail or hospital). The procedure could also be removed from the RIHN in case of non-relevance of enrolment in this supplementary list, after analysis of the HAS, the DGOS or the CNAMTS.

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Published on 12. February 2016 in News France