Vanguard Trusts Propose Experimental Tariffs

As part of the five year forward view, the NHS has set up new care models. At the start of last year the NHS invited individual organisations and partnerships to apply to become “vanguard” sites as part of their new care models programme. This programme aims to promote the improvement and integration of services.

50 Vanguard sites have now been established. As one of these sites, the National Orthopaedic Alliance, which is made up of three specialist trusts, is developing a set of tools that trusts can use to improve their services.

Amongst the changes trialled by the National Orthopaedic Alliance are new forms of payment which could be introduced as a means of incentivising providers to make changes. As part of the vanguard project the Alliance proposes the development of experimental tariffs, to see what would best incentivise the desired changes, although they note that these tariff changes will need to be considered carefully. At present, it is not certain whether the standards set out by the organisation will be adopted formally across NHS England or Clinical Commissioning Groups.

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Published on 4. March 2016 in News UK