Sustainability and Transformation Plans Review

The 44 Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) currently being developed across the country have the potential to make fundamental changes in the shape and nature of health and care services. However, the speed of the process to shape these plans has meant that they have so far not been very visible.

STPs have shifted the healthcare focus where it has been needed, questioning the role of community hospitals, looking at mental health and looking at Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) type models which bring together a number of providers to integrate care for defined populations.

The overall view is that an impressive amount of work has been done in a very short time.More focus on how changes will be managed and in particular on engaging those who will be leading the change locally โ€“ and the patients, public and staff who will be affected by it โ€“ seems to be the most significant priority.

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Published on 23. August 2016 in News UK