AI Planned Treatments

Google’s DeepMind Health and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) announced Wednesday a research collaboration to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can automatically differentiate between cancerous and healthy tissues on patient scans, including CT and MRI scans for head and neck cancer.

Specifically, UCLH said the technology will “assist clinicians in the segmentation process so that it can be done more rapidly but just as accurately,” adding that “it is hoped that the segmentation process could be reduced from up to four hours to around an hour.”

In February, DeepMind Health was formed as part of Google DeepMind’s move into medical technology. In June, a memorandum of understanding revealed that DeepMind aims to apply its machine learning technology to NHS patient data within the next five years. The following month, DeepMind Health partnered with Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to investigate how AI can help with the analysis of eye scans, potentially leading to earlier detection and treatment of common eye diseases.

This is an example of a real-world application that DeepMind was set up for and it will be intriguing to see how the AI copes with this task and how it can be developed to aid in other areas as well.

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Published on 1. September 2016 in Interesting Reads