Publication of notice of proposed rate reductions for a range of medical devices by Economic Committee for Health Products (CEPS)

The Official Journal (French Official Gazette) on Friday September 2nd published a Notice of Proposed rate reductions for a range of categories of medical devices, especially for the treatment of apnea hypopnea syndrome obstructive sleep (OSAHS) by continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).

The draft opinion of the Economic Committee for Health Products (CEPS) on tariffs, price retail sales limits (POS) in euros and maximum sales prices in euros excluding taxes (VAT) selling to the distributor directly to the insured (sale price).

Manufacturers and distributors may submit written comments or request to be heard by CEPS within 30 days of the publication of the draft opinion.

For PPC and its associations with oxygen systems, only the package 9.4, which corresponds to non-TV reported patients, is mentioned, does one note. One proposal is to set the weekly package rate for the only PPC to €16.20, a decrease of 10%.

The Council of State annulled the end of November the orders of 9 January and 22 October 2013 setting up the reimbursement by health insurance OSAHS of the CPAP treatment conditioned on TV-observance (see LD6NFR4RE APM), except package 9.4, will be recalled. Following this decision, the CEPS published lower prices in late December 2014 (cf LD6NGTPCR APM).

See the publication here.

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Published on 6. September 2016 in News France