SNITEM requests withdrawal of a project reimbursement rates decrease for Medical Devices

SNITEM discovered with amazement the project notice published on 5 August by the Economic Committee for Health Products (CEPS). This review offers a sharp decline from the last months of 2016, prices of about 250 medical devices and services included on the LPPR ( French Medical Devices and Procedures reimbursement list).

SNITEM demand the withdrawal of the proposed rate reduction, which radically contradicts the stated objectives of the Government, related to “ambulatory care” (many of the products listed are inseparable from the home support), quality of care, the efficiency of the care system or industrial development, illustrated in particular by the plan “future Medicine” desired by the President of the Republic, or the work of CSIS / CSF (Strategic Committee of the Health Industries / Strategic Pathway Committee).

See the press release here.

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Published on 6. September 2016 in News France