Social Security budget for 2017

According to the Financial newspaper Les Echos, the budget of Social Security (Healthcare budget portion) spending (Ondam) should be raised from 1.75% to 2% or 2.1% in 2017. This offers some freedom in conduct ( of €450-640.000.000) to hospitals and health insurance funds, which will have to finance the upgrading of the index point of the public hospital and the rate of increase of the consultation of general practitioners €23-25. But even raised, the Ondam will be difficult to meet next year.

The total additional cost of these measures should indeed reach €800 million next year. Moreover, the boom of innovative medicines, although expensive, should continue, especially in the field of cancer treatment. New spending that does not threaten the recovery of the accounts of the general Social Security scheme. Its deficit should indeed be reduced below €2 billion in 2017, excluding Old Age Solidarity Fund (FSV). A decline that can be explained by the increase in payroll and thus contributions, but also by a positive base effect early September, INSEE revised down the deficit by 2015, including through control of hospitals costs. This difference of €1 billion to the previous estimate will therefore be reflected in the following years accounts and reduce the weight of future deficits.

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Published on 14. September 2016 in News France