NHS England Launches Consultation on The Funding of Treatment Outside of Clinical Commissioning Policy and Mandate NICE Guidance

NHS England has launched a consultation on the funding of treatment outside of clinical commissioning policy and mandate NICE guidance.

When first established, NHS England published a set of so-called ‘generic policies’ to guide its decision-making for all directly commissioned services. They were called ‘generic policies’ as they applied to all NHS England’s commissioning responsibility, rather than being service-specific. Over the last three years, most of these policies have been covered in other existing comprehensive policy documents.

Four areas still require stand-alone policies, and they are the focus of this consultation.

The four areas are:

  • in-year service developments,
  • individual funding requests (IFR),
  • funding for experimental and unproven treatments,
  • and continuing funding after clinical trials.

The consultation closes on 15 January 2017. 

To read more about this consultation, please click here.


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Published on 14. October 2016 in News UK