Unit Verification Implementation will cost €200 Million

The cost of adapting the production lines to facilitate the unit verification drugs will reach 200 million euros for companies that produce drugs in our country. This figure reflects an estimate by Farmaindustria having developed a survey to know the number of lines that should be adapted, given that the unit cost would be between 200,000 and 400,000 euros . This was explained technical director Farmaindustria, Emili Esteve, during his speech at the table ‘The full traceability debate’ held in the 61 Congress of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy (SEFH) in Gijon.

“It ‘s not a cheap matter. We must put the seals and devices security and then have to serialize each package , “said Esteve and also must take into account that the figure of 200 million is only to adapt the machinery and start working. Then there will be some expenses operation, which will be permanent, inter alia, for example, security seals have to carry each package.

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Published on 11. October 2016 in News Spain