Expert Advisory Board to Support the Global AMR Innovation Fund

A board of experts will advise the government on how best to reduce the impact of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Professor Dame Sally Davies said “Antimicrobial resistance ( AMR) poses the biggest threat to global health with the potential to kill millions each year. No one nation, or sector can tackle this alone and therefore it is critical that we encourage the public, private, and third sectors to work together to tackle AMR globally.

The 12 member board will advise how the UK can best spend an additional £50 million over the next 5 years to work with global partners to fund innovative initiatives to tackle drug resistant infections, which includes resistance to antibiotics.

The GAMRIF will help to invest in:

  • high quality research and development and stimulate innovation to tackle antimicrobial resistance ( AMR ) to promote the welfare of people in low and middle income countries
  • neglected areas which may currently lack commercial or academic interest, for example for research that aspires to prolong the shelf life of existing antibiotics
  • areas of research and development around new therapeutics, alternative therapies, preventative measures and diagnostics

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Published on 29. November 2016 in News UK