Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Public Bill Committee Holds Second and Third Sittings

The Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Public Bill Committee held its second and third sittings on the 15th November.

During the second sitting

  • Julie Copper’s amendment (amendment 44) setting out the Government’s commitment to investing in access to new and innovative medicines and treatments by ring-fencing income from the PPRS was negated on division
  • Copper withdrew amendment 45 (which would require the Government to ensure that any medicine covered by a voluntary or statutory scheme that requires payments calculated by reference to sales of that medicines be made available to all patients on the NHS)
  • Clause 1 therefore agreed
  • Clause 2 agreed
  • Copper withdrew amendment 43, which sought to clarify that the Bill would be in line with its stated aim of achieving equivalence between the two price control scehems
  • Clause 3 therefore agreed
  • Clause 4 agreed
  • Dr Philippa Whitford withdrew amendment 47 which required the Government to conduct a consultation on the effect of clause 5
  • Clause 5 therefore agreed

During the third sitting

  • The Government’s amendments 1 to 19 agreed to. These related primarily to the requests from the devolved Administrations
  • The Government’s amendments 20 to 42 were also agreed to. These also related to the devolved administrations
  • Clauses 6,7,8 and 9, as amended, agreed to
  • New Clause 1 (Clause 10) was also agreed to (relating to Welsh decision making)
  • New Clause 2, moved by Justin Madders, was negated at division. The new clause would have put a duty on the Secretary of State to place before Parliament an annual report on the impact of the Act and, in particular, on the pricing and availability of medicines and other medical supplies, research and development, and the NHS’s legal duty to promote innovation
  • New Clause 3, moved by Dr Phillipa Whitford and Martyn Day, was removed. This would have commissioned a six monthly review of powers to control prices of unlicensed medicinal products for human use
  • New Clause 4, which would have reviewed extending provisions to repurposed off-patent drugs, also moved by Philip Whitford, was also withdrawn
  • Rob Marris also removed his New Clause 5, which would have extended price control to other medical supplies./

A full breakdown of proceedings can be read here.

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Published on 17. November 2016 in News UK