Smartphone app launched to improve NHS patient care

A new mobile app has been launched to help NHS patients monitor their long-term health conditions, reported the British Journal of Healthcare Computing. The app allows users to send health information to clinicians and receive in return dosage instructions, as services include tracking of the international normalised ratio (INR) and blood glucose levels, heart rate, blood pressure, in addition to oxygen levels and weight.

Patients can also use the app’s calendar to set out reminders for taking medication and keep a diary for medical appointments, addressing the issue of self-management when it comes to the use of digital platforms.

The data is connected to patient record systems, therefore allowing clinicians that have been authorised to access their patients’ files. The healthcare platform is available to NHS patients in Berkshire, Durham, Lancashire, Norfolk, Yorkshire and the Isle of Wight and is meant to provide savings for the NHS in the long run by reducing the number of outpatient appointments at hospitals across the country.

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Published on 11. November 2016 in News UK