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The ABPI have been working with UK MedTech industry partners, with the support of NHS England, DH and regulation experts, to establish a national process for credentialing. Significant progress has been made toward developing a cross-sector Life Sciences Industry (LSI) Credentialing Register and they hope will, when completed, receive approval from The Professional Standards Authority.
The ABPI still have reservations around the likely implementation of this in the NHS, but are keen to ensure that the register is as user-friendly and appropriate as possible.
The ABPI industry working group has been developing standards that will:
·       Provide a single point for registration for Life Science industry personnel, enabling NHS staff to verify an individual’s status against agreed criteria
·       Establish, and periodically validate against, minimum acceptable standards for registrants and training provision
·       Maintain the required standards of conduct, education, training and health & safety criteria
·       Support Trusts to standardise credentialing practices
·       Support the improvement of standards without restricting access
·       Be independently accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) to ensure robust oversight and governance
The development of the Register is being funded by a coalition of industry associations from Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Pharma, including ABPI. Ongoing running costs will be covered on a not-for-profit basis through an annual registrant fee, estimated to be in the region of £30 – £50 per registrant.
The standards outlined in the register will be supported by tiered criteria to ensure appropriate requirements and associated checks without imposing unnecessary bureaucracy. Training requirements will be aligned to those required of NHS staff and current best practice in industry.
As part of the development of these standards a consultation has been opened for responses by companies/potential registrants on the proposed standards. Full details of the consultation process can be found on the LSI website.
If you have any queries regarding the consultation, please email

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Published on 22. December 2016 in News UK