New EMA Document Classification Policy

The main objective is to protect the Agency’s reputation preventing risks of document’s unauthorised access or misuse through classification and handling. The overarching principle of this policy is that if a document potentially contains elements that require specific protection, even if these elements are minimal, such document should be classified appropriately in order to protect those elements.

The Agency will achieve this by:

  1. Defining the Agency’s documents classification schema and guidelines
  2. Assigning responsibility to the existing process owners to act as document classification owners for defining the correct document classification for documents managed in their process(es) and supervise the implementation of the relevant protections
  3. Evaluating the documents classification changes during their lifecycle and in line with the evolution of information relevance; documents classification may change due to the document lifecycle or due to specific legal requirements
  4. Compliance, as a minimum, with all applicable legislation and Agency requirements

The Agency will enforce this by

  1. Provision of adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy and to ensure it is adequately communicated and understood
  2. Effective communication and cooperation with stakeholders/user to raise awareness

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Published on 16. December 2016 in News EU