Individual Patient Funding Request Review

An independent review of the Individual Patient Funding Request (IPFR) process in Wales took place from October to December 2016.  The report is now available on the Welsh Government website:

There is also a Written Statement about the review by Vaughan Gething AM, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport, which can be found here.

A short summary of the report is as follows:


The review recommends a change to the application of exceptionality whereby if an HTA or other policy is not already in place, the clinician will no longer need to set out how a particular patient is different to others.  Instead the report recommends that clinicians demonstrate “significant clinical benefit and reasonable value for money


A number of recommendations are made around improving consistency, including IPFR panels documenting their decisions clearly; ensuring appropriate expert input in decisions; and establishing an IPFR quality function to provide quality assurance and promote consistency across Wales


The review highlights the importance of NICE and AWMSG recommendations in determining cost-effectiveness. It recommends that companies submit to the AWMSG and if a drug is not endorsed, IPFR applications will need to demonstrate clear evidence of clinical benefit for a particular patient to justify the cost


Recommendations are made to improve the communication of IPFR decisions and between patients and clinicians


A review of IPFR paperwork is recommended to reduce the burden on applicants

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Published on 26. January 2017 in News UK