NHS Digital Releases First Version of the Improved Innovation Scorecard

NHS Digital has now released the first version of their improved innovation scorecard. 
NHS Digital has been given access to an improved reporting suite so it’s now somewhat different to what was seen previously. The new scorecard is considered to be a much more guided analysis through dashboards than a complete analytical tool. The January release of the Innovation Scorecard is now live.
In response to a user consultation undertaken in 2016, this publication sees the initial release of a new web platform/online visualisation tool to enhance user experience in accessing the data. This should make it easier for commissioners and users to find information on what medicines (and later medical technologies and diagnostic tools) are available in their region and allow for easier comparison with other areas. The new web platform/online visualisation tool can be accessed here
The Innovation Scorecard Official Statistic publication can be accessed here. 
User feedback is being sought on this initial release to aid further developments ahead of a full release in April which will replace the current/existing interactive spreadsheets and interactive maps. Please email any comments and/or suggestions to NHS Digital at prescribing@nhs.net

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Published on 16. January 2017 in News UK