Government Response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Reports: “A Time for Boldness: EU Membership and UK Science after the Referendum” and “EU Membership and UK Science”

The Government has published it’s response to the Science and Technology Committee’s report from April 2016 on the relationship between EU membership and UK science, and its follow-on report of December 2016 on EU membership and science after the referendum. In the report, the Government responded to a number of recommendations made by the committee. There was a strong focus on plans to promote the attractiveness of the UK to world-class scientific researchers and students and to encourage collaborative relationships between EU member states and researchers from the UK.

To read the Government response, please click here.

To read the reports from the Science and Technology Committee, please click the links below:

MAP have written a summary of the response, which subscribers can access here.

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Published on 21. February 2017 in News UK