National Tariff Updates

Enquiries and Frequently Asked Questions

NHS Improvement now publish the queries we receive on the national tariff.  We have now updated the 2016/17 enquiries log with questions and FAQs up to January and this can be found here.

Tariff Document Corrections

NHS Improvement have updated a number of documents on the 2017/19 webpage due to small errors. The main national tariff has had a date correction made in paragraphs 271 and 272 (relating to MFF recalculation). They have corrected a column header issue on the MFF page of the national prices spreadsheet and further to feedback we have removed the non-mandatory price for adult hearing services from the non-mandatory prices spreadsheet.  The documents can all be found here.

Reference Cost Collection Guidance

Reference cost guidance for 2017 has now been published, it can be accessed here.

Whole Population Budget Webinars

Following the latest webinar on new payment approaches NHS Improvement have now set up a page to bring all of the webinars on the subject together. They will be adding to this in the next month or so with further material.

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Published on 27. February 2017 in News UK