Quarterly Performance of the NHS Provider Sector

Reports are showing that the year-to-date deficit for the NHS Provider sector is £886 million which is £202 million more than was planned. NHS Improvement said that the increased deficit is in part, due to pressure on emergency services caused by “one of the toughest winters on record”. NHS improvement expects that “a number of land and property transactions and some commercially sensitive initiatives” could help to bring the end of year deficit down to between £750m and £850m. Nuffield Trust has commented on the NHS quarter 3 financial figures saying that the figures show that providers have been overspending by £239m per month from October to December 2016 and that if this spending continues along this trend then this will result in a defecit of £2.9bn by the end of the year or £1.1bn if the extra money for Sustainability and Transformation Fund is taken into account. These figures, however, would be an improvement on last year’s defecit of £3.7bn. NHS Confederation chief executive, Niall Dickson has described the Q3 figures as a ‘tragedy’, whilst Richard Murray, Director of Policy for The King’s Fund has described the figures as “worrying”.

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Published on 20. February 2017 in News UK