Rare Disease Patients Call for Better Coordinated Mechanisms Between Counselling

Rare disease patients and their families have demanded that coordination mechanisms be established among the ministries that allow an integral attention to the needs of the patient, as well as to demand that this coordination be “regulated through a normative framework”, “shall not be effective”.

“Coordination between counselling is therefore necessary to cover all the needs of the person in their environment, college, work centre, community, hospital, etc., since these areas do not depend exclusively on a single counselling and, therefore, to be tackled together is necessary to establish coordination mechanisms” he added.

The Minister of Health of Andalusia, Aquilino Alonso, also participated in the congress, where he said that his department is committed to research in public health in Andalusia to advance in the field of rare diseases.

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Published on 20. February 2017 in News UK