Reform Publishes Report on Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)

The think tank, Reform has published a report setting out recommendations that would help to ensure the success of STPs. The report warns that in their current form, STPs are not going to work. To address these issues, five steps are suggested to deliver success:

  • STPs should design their own local health outcomes for which every organisation in the STP is accountable
  • STPs should take a ‘one-system, one-budget’ approach. NHS, social care and public health budgets should be merged across the STP and commissioned by a single body
  • Commissioners need to regularly evaluate whether providers are delivering on outcomes. Where these are consistently not delivered, services should be decommissioned and broken up to allow smaller providers to bid. Contracts should come up for renewal at regular intervals
  • NHS Improvement should publish guidance clarifying how current legislation surrounding competition applies in the context of STPs
  • STP footprints should have elected leaders who are held to account by the public


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Published on 20. February 2017 in News UK