Kings Fund Report: “Understanding NHS financial pressures – How are they affecting patient care?”

The Kings Fund has published a report entitled: “Understanding NHS financial pressures – How are they affecting patient care?

This report examines the impact of NHS financial pressures on patient care across four different parts of the health system – these were: genito-urinary medicine (GUM), district nursing, elective hip replacement and neonatal services.

The Kings Fund research found that:

  • GUM and district nursing services were under particular strain. Both access to services and quality of patient care have been a ected in ways that are di cult to detect with currently available metrics.
  • Within elective hip replacement services, activity has increased in recent years and patients remain happy with the outcome of their operations, but the latest data shows that average waiting times for treatment are starting to rise.
  • Neonatal services appear to have largely maintained quality and access despite a number of longstanding pressures, although there is variation between units.

These findings create a challenge to the direction of travel set out in the NHS five year forward view of strengthening community-based services and focusing on prevention.

To read the report, please click here.

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Published on 14. March 2017 in News UK