Macmillan Cancer Support – NHS has Missed Cancer Treatment Targets for Three Years

According to Macmillan Cancer Support, more cancer patients in England are facing delays for their treatment than three years ago, with 1 in 6 (17%) now waiting beyond the official NHS target. The charity analysed NHS cancer waiting times data and found that over the past three years, the number of people waiting longer than 62 days has risen steadily (year-on-year rise) from 20,534 in 2014 to 25,157 in 2016 and that the number of patients waiting too long for treatment in 2016 has almost doubled in the past five years. In total, more than 100,000 people have waited beyond the NHS’ target of 62 days in this time.

To read more about this on the Macmillan website, please click here.


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Published on 9. March 2017 in News UK