New Biosimilar Policies Considered in Ireland

The use of biosimilar medicines is looking to grow in the coming years and so the Department of Health, HSE and HPRA are considering possible medical changes regarding biologic medicines. Officials were developing a national biosimilar policy that would require consideration of a “range of regulatory, patient safety and health policy issues”.

Biosimilars also provide cost savings as they must and therefore, methods to increase the uptake of biosimilars, such as through the use of “policy levers and tools” were also examined.

Under the IPHA 2016-2020 agreement the price of a biologic medicine will be reduced by 20 per cent and an additional rebate of 12.5 per cent provided upon entry into the market of a biosimilar.

Under the Heath (Pricing and Supply of Medical Goods) Act 2013, biosimilars are not considered to be interchangeable, and therefore cannot be substituted for biological medicines.

See the original article in the Irish Medical Times here.

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Published on 1. March 2017 in News Ireland