NICE to Update its Appraisal Process

The new measures include:

  • The introduction of a new fast-track option for appraising treatments which offer exceptional value for money. The aim is for them to be available to patients a month after they are licensed.
  • A budget impact test, where drugs that will cost more than £20m in any one of their first three years of use will trigger commercial discussions between the company and NHS England to mitigate the impact on the rest of the NHS.
  • Where agreement to minimise the impact of those drugs cannot be reached, NHS England will be able to choose to apply to NICE for an extended period in which to introduce the drug in a phased way. This will usually be for no more than three years.
  • Drugs for very rare diseases will be evaluated against a sliding scale, so that the more the medicine costs the greater the health benefit it must provide in order to be approved for routine NHS use by NICE.

To read the NICE press release, please click here.

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Published on 16. March 2017 in News UK