Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Health Apps in the Spanish Healthcare System

The UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), and online university, is promoting a new research project which aims to evaluate the benefits of introducing mobile applications in health systems. The study, which starts this March, includes a pilot test with 250 patients and has the involvement of professionals from five state health institutions. The research, titled ‘mHealth: Challenges and Opportunities for Health Systems’, is funded by the RecerCaixa program of the La Caixa Foundation.

This study comes at a time when there is intense debate on the future of the Spanish health system and will also analyse the effectiveness of applications in reinforcing health policies.

The promoters of the project see in mobile applications ” an opportunity to increase the quality of life, improve health status and increase the quality of care ” and, at the same time, guarantee the sustainability, equity and accessibility of health systems.

To read more about this, please click here. (In Spanish)

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Published on 6. March 2017 in News Spain