£6.8m Investment in Genomics for Precision Medicine Strategy to Boost Welsh Health

£6.8m Welsh Government funding will support the Genomics for Precision Medicine Strategy, which sets out how Wales can capture the health and economic benefits of genomics.

New development of genetic and genomic technologies will allow scientists and healthcare professionals to develop a much more detailed understanding of the link between genes and health.

Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said:

“The strategy will play a key part in developing a modern NHS in which we invest in health, research and education, a priority in our programme for government, Taking Wales Forward.

“We are providing leadership and funding to support skilled job creation and advances in research and development. It will also help us develop workforce skills and expertise that will help make Wales more attractive to international academics as a place to work and live.

“Our genomics strategy will help to create improved international academic and business links in addition to improved genetic and public health services delivered by NHS Wales.”

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Published on 19. April 2017 in News UK