App Library and Health Developer Space – Launched by NHS Digital

The Health Technology Newspaper has reported that NHS Digital has launched an apps library and a mobile health space for developers on

Juliet Bauer, director of digital experience at NHS England, and Rachel Murphy, delivery director at NHS Digital, said:

“Our vision is to transform the way people experience the NHS, by designing digital health tools and services that connect them to the information and services they need, when they need them. We want to enable people to access care in a convenient and coordinated way, through the digital tools that all of us are now familiar with in other areas of our lives. The new digital tools pages on NHS.UK have been designed to showcase a selected number of apps while we test our thinking. Each tool has been through an assessment and is safe to use. Over time, people will start to see more apps appearing that are labelled ‘being tested in the NHS’ or ‘NHS approved’. These products have been built on a solid evidence base and are part of an NHS programme; monitoring and collecting data and evidence of effectiveness towards positive patient outcomes. now has an exciting mobile health space that is aimed at the developer market that is rich with talent and striving to create digital products that will offer valuable healthcare benefits to patients.”

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Published on 24. April 2017 in News UK