Lords Highlight Concerns about NICE Budget Impact Test in Debate on Medical Research

In a Lords debate on Medical Research, NICE’s budget impact test was a major feature of contributions from Lord Sharkey, Baroness Morgan of Drefelin, Baroness Walmsley, Lord Hunt and Lord Crisp, all of whom highlighted that the additional hurdle beyond the already stringent cost-effectiveness assessment risked further delays and restrictions in access to innovative new treatments. It was underlined that such a decision sends the wrong message to industry given the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

In response to Minister Baroness Buscombe’s closing comments on the Government’s commitments in relation to science and research, Lord Hunt stated “Does she not realise that none of this means anything unless the NHS uptakes these new medicines?”. The Minister agreed to respond in writing on the topic.

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Published on 3. April 2017 in News UK