Spain’s SNS Waiting Times Released

New data, recently released by the Spanish Ministry of Health, shows that average waiting times for surgical procedures is 83 days (June 2016). This average increased from 61 days in June 2010 up to 101 days in June 2013, decreasing afterwards until the latest figure. In the case of appointments for outpatient specialised care, waiting times have remained fairly stable over the years – around 52 days since 2010.

Despite the improvement in average waiting lists, the new data has revealed a huge variation across regions in Spain (autonomous communities), which has not varied over the years. According to the latest figures (June 2016), average waiting times in surgical procedures range from 46 days in La Rioja to 162 days in the Canary Islands. Waiting times to get an appointment to the specialist also vary substantially across regions, from 23 days in La Rioja to 103 days in the Canary Islands.

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Published on 10. April 2017 in News EU