Genomics and Genome-Editing: Future Lines of Inquiry

The Science and Technology Committee had split the inquiry into two parts, with the first looking at genomics/gene editing as it related to human health, and second in relation to plants, animals and the eco system. They had planned to hold two further evidence sessions on the ‘human-side’, and had not begun taken evidence on plants and animals.

They produced a “stock-take” report should the new committee wish to renew the inquiry. They found a number of issues needed further consideration:

  • The rationale for Genomics England’s status as a limited company rather than a more typical arm’s length body.
  • Genomics England’s funding history, projected funding requirements, and how its ongoing performance is being evaluated.
  • Whether the development of the NHS’s genomic medicine capacity will reduce or increase NHS costs
  • Whether the NHS is prepared for the mainstreaming of genomic medicine. This relates particularly to staff training requirements and emerging skills gaps
  • How NICE and NHS commissioning structures are affecting the availability of suitable genomic diagnostics
  • How genomics and genome editing will fit into the ‘life sciences’ arm of the current Government’s Industrial Strategy.
  • How the Government can encourage UK genomics and genome editing specialists to start-up, roll-out and grow technology and health businesses in the UK

The full report can be read here.

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Published on 2. May 2017 in News UK