Lack of Synergies in HTAs Generates Extra Work with Varying Results

The European Commission launched a public consultation between October 2016 and January 2017 to analyse the situation of HTAs in Europe and how they are perceived by different agencies. The preliminary results presented confirm the need to avoid inefficient duplication.

More than half of the responses felt that the clinical evaluation should not be developed in parallel by the evaluation bodies on the member states. The study also analysed the consequences of not having a homogeneity in establishing procedures and methodologies for HTA throughout the European Union. Thus, Member States have a number of differences recognised by the majority of respondents, including Public Administrations.

The rising need for better collaboration between different EU member states points back towards improving usage of  the EUnetHTA joint actions collaboration, which has yet to be properly taken up by industry.

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Published on 9. May 2017 in News EU