Science and Technology Committee Report on Regenerative Medicine

The Science and Technology Committee has published its report on regenerative medicine.

The report demonstrated that UK has considerable strengths in the field of regenerative medicine, underpinned by world-class research, but highlights how important it is that the regulatory environment for regenerative medicine remains flexible to accommodate innovation.

It suggests that the next Government should review how regulatory ‘hospital exemptions’ are used for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) and how EU ATMP regulations might be adapted for the UK post-Brexit to reflect the optimal balance between safety and accelerated access to cutting-edge technologies.

The report also outlined the need to agree new reimbursement payment models which take greater account of the value of regenerative medicine therapies and proposed that the next Government should work with UK Research & Innovation (UKRI), industry and researchers to develop a strategy for advanced therapies. It also suggested that the NHS’s Personalised Medicine strategy should explicitly include regenerative medicine and cell therapies.

The report concluded that these strategies should be aligned to the Government’s response to the Accelerated Access Review and the strategic objectives outlined in the Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper.

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Published on 2. May 2017 in News UK