SNP General Election 2017 Manifesto

The Scottish National Party have released their 2017 manifesto. Below are some of their proposed changes relating to healthcare:

  • The SNP will press the UK government to match Scottish government spending per head in the rest of the UK on health equating to £11bn by the end of the Parliament
  • SNP MPs will push for additional frontline spending in the NHS.
  • The party’s MPs will vote against privatisation of the NHS in England
  • The SNP will work on a cross-party basis to support an NHS Reinstatement Bill to return the NHS in England to founding principles
  • The party remain committed to free prescriptions
  • The manifesto commits to work with health unions submitting evidence to public sector pay review bodies and implementing distinct Scottish pay review arrangements
  • Press the UK government to protect rights of NHS workers from across Europe
  • SNP MPs to call on the UK to stay part of the European Medicines Agency after Brexit
  • Will call on the UK government to devolve responsibility of medicines and medical product regulation to the Scottish Parliament
  • The SNP will press the UK government to ensure cross-border health insurance arrangements
  • SNP MPs will support Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) being made available across the UK
  • The party will support efforts for a full public inquiry into contaminated blood in the UK
  • The SNP will call for Scottish representatives on the UK Research and Innovation Board

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Published on 30. May 2017 in News UK