Vanguards Must Give 10% of Funding to Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships

The Health Service Journal has reported that Vanguards must give funding to STPs. NHS England has outlined a set of four conditions on vanguard funding which includes the requirement to dedicate 10% of this year’s money to sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs).

NHS England has said that national vanguard funding will be “available to STPs as a funding source to pay for excess emergency admissions growth in their area”. The document added: “The STP in which [the vanguards] operate will be able to use the vanguard funding provided by NHS England to pay for the lowering of: a) emergency admissions growth above the vanguard’s agreed local emergency 2017-18 contract volumes; or b) any emergency admissions growth for the vanguard’s patients above the 2017-18 national emergency admissions growth rate in 2017-18.”

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Published on 2. May 2017 in News UK