Delivering Cell and Gene Therapies Require ‘Game Changing’ Collaboration

Collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry, patients and health regulators will be a ‘game changer’ in delivering exciting new cell and gene therapies to treat conditions like cancer and vision loss says a new review article published in Frontiers in Medicine, written by Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)’s Head of Manufacturing Innovation, Dr Magda Papadaki.

The review, ‘ Adaptation through Collaboration: Developing Novel Platforms to Advance the Delivery of Advanced Therapies to Patients ‘, is the first step towards a roadmap to advance the development, approval and adoption of these innovative medicines.

Despite the emergence of new cell and gene therapies for long-term management or even cures for some of the world’s rarest diseases and immuno-oncology, patients still face delays in accessing these new treatments. Dr Papadaki argues that there needs to be a shift towards continual, long term monitoring of the benefits and risks of medicines instead of the current assessments made on limited, up-front evidence, to make sure therapies live up to their potential. If this does not happen, patients might miss out or face significant delays in getting access to this new wave of medicines.

The paradigm shift in the way therapeutic products are developed and assessed will rest on an unparalleled level of early and continuous collaboration between unfamiliar bedfellows; from industry and regulators, to payers and patients, says Papadaki.

For more information, see the full article at Dods News (subscription required).

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Published on 5. June 2017 in News UK