IBM Supercomputer Matches Human Doctors in Cancer Cases

A supercomputer which uses artificial intelligence in medical applications matched the diagnoses and treatment recommendations of human specialists in up to 96 per cent of cancer cases.

IBM’s Watson system has “read” more than 15 million pages of medical literature and can review patients’ notes and medical questionnaires to suggest diagnoses and treatment.

A cancer hospital in Bangalore, India, found that Watson’s recommendations agreed with a panel in 96 per cent of lung cancer cases and 93 per cent of rectal cancers.

IBM believes that, used alongside traditional consultations and diagnostics, the technology can help to diagnose cancers faster and catch cases that might otherwise be missed.

It has been programmed to help treat breast, lung, colorectal, cervical, ovarian, gastric and prostate cancers.

Source: The Times

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Published on 15. June 2017 in Interesting Reads