NHS Faces Sharp Funding Cuts

The NHS could lose billions in funding and see its workforce crisis exacerbated, unless securing a good deal for healthcare is prioritised in Brexit negotiations.

A report by the Nuffield Trust has warned that the health service must be treated as a ‘significant priority’ if the NHS is to avoid potentially catastrophic effects resulting from the UK leaving the EU.

Published today the report warns that the NHS in England could face a £2.4bn reduction in annual spending by 2020/21, while health and social care services could be hit by a staffing shortfall of 90,000 by 2025/26.

It says: ‘The Office for Budget Responsibility last year projected a £15.2bn hit to the public finances by 2020/21 as a result of Brexit .

‘If shared out equally across the public sector based on its current make-up this would mean a £2.4bn reduction in annual NHS spending in England alone.’

The report adds that Brexit could see the NHS incurring additional costs that would have been avoided had the UK remained in the EU.

These include an additional £1bn to care for pensioners returning to the UK from EU countries, and an extra £100m as a result of exiting the EMA.

For more information, read the full article at Dod News (subscription required).

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Published on 5. June 2017 in News UK