NHS will not survive without extra cash, health service leaders claim

NHS chiefs have demanded more money for health service, saying the service is no longer sustainable, with a “desperate” need for a vision for the future.

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said extra funds and “bold decisions” were needed to deal with an “inexorable” rise in demand from an ageing population

Too many children were being left to wait six months for specialist care, he said, while the health service “turned our backs” on routine waiting list targets.

Speaking to the organisation’s annual conference in Liverpool, he said an urgent cash injection was needed, calling for a GDP target to be set for health spending.

Mr Dickson said: “On the money, the message is simple: we do not currently have the resources to deliver what the public expects. In England, health spending per head has been flat since 2009 and has fallen slightly elsewhere in the UK while demand has risen inexorably.”

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Published on 16. June 2017 in News UK