ABPI Files for Judicial Review Over NICE Budget Impact Changes

In March 2017 NICE announced their intentions to introduce a budget impact test for technologies within the Technology Appraisal and Highly Specialised Technologies programmes. The test, implemented from 1st April 2017 will assess the financial impact of a technology over the first three years of its use in the NHS.

If in any of these three years the budget impact exceeds £20million, NHS England may engage in commercial discussions with the company, even if the product has been deemed cost-effective.

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has deemed these changes to be “inappropriate and unworkable” as they will delay patient access to treatments for very rare diseases. As a result, on 10th July 2017, the ABPI announced that it has applied for a judicial review of the changes.

The ABPI’s chief executive, Mike Thompson, said: “We hope that the government will reverse the changes and work with us to find a solution that works for everyone”





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Published on 11. July 2017 in News UK