Annual Assessment of NHS England for 2016-17

The Department of Health has written a ministerial statement on the Annual Assessment of NHS England for 2016-17.

The statement outlines the annual assessment of NHS England and draws on the NHS England Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17 (which we also expect to be published shortly)

It welcomes progress on delivering the FYFV and STPs while noting more work needed on:

  • Improving quality of care
  • Access and safety
  • Financial sustainability

In the statement the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, notes continued growth in demand has meant NHS is not meeting core patient access standards calling on NHS England to:

  • Better manage demand, work with local government on patient transfers to care settlings
  • Prioritise achieving parity of esteem for mental health
  • Work with NHS Improvement and HEE to manage winter challenges

On research, innovation and growth, the Government’s report finds that there are challenges particularly in relation to delivery of the cancer element of the 100,000 Genomes Project.

See the report here.

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Published on 18. July 2017 in News UK