NHS England Board Meeting Papers

The papers for the NHS England Board meeting on 21st July are now available. These papers include a report on developing Academic Health Science Networks as they reach the end of the first five-year cycle in March 2018 and sets out how it is proposed that their impact is sustained and enhanced over the next five years. The papers also include NHS England’s annual performance assessment of CCGs for 2016/17. The Specialised Commissioning Committee Annual Report confirms that Committee’s priority for the coming year will be to continue to support the implementation of the Strategic Framework for 2017/18 requiring them to provide assurance on how specialised commissioning is supporting improvements in patient care in relation to NHS England’s priorities including cancer. The Commissioning Committee Annual Report sets out their work programme for 2017-18.

To read the board papers, please click here.

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Published on 19. July 2017 in News EU