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NICE’s annual report and accounts have been published. In their foreword to the report, the Chairman, Professor David Haslam CBE and Chief Executive, Sir Andrew Dillon CBE, acknowledge that: “The choices facing those who provide and use health and care services are becoming ever more complex and sometimes bewildering. This complexity makes the need for NICE, with our experience in interpreting the evidence, and in balancing uncertainty with an ambition to provide access to the best new options for treatment and care, even more important. We are leading efforts to help cut through this complexity and more actively involve people in making decisions about their care through the Shared Decision-Making Collaborative, which has now set out recommendations and an action plan, in order to encourage a shared decision making culture in health and social care” and state that: “We have embraced these changes through our membership of the Arm’s-Length Body Board and its associated programme groups, continuing links with five of the NHS England Vanguards, and through the work of our local Implementation Consultants.”

In the papers for NICE’s Board Meeting, the Centre for Health Technology Evaluation progress report includes some items of interest in relation to NICE’s work programme and capacity. This suggests that NICE is on track to deliver on its targets for various pieces of guidance, but they expect a significant increase in demand for single technology appraisals (STAs), for which they are investigating a way to meet.

To read the NICE Annual Report and Accounts, please click here.

To read the NICE board meeting papers, please click here.

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Published on 17. July 2017 in News UK