Spain and Portugal sign a Joint Procurement Agreement

Iberian Health Ministers have launched an initiative to increase cooperation between Portugal and Spain, with the aim to reduce prices of medicinal products and medical devices, information sharing and technical documents.

The signed declaration of intent, according to the Portuguese Health Minister, Mr. Adalberto Campos Fernandes, aims to provide more affordable medicines and medical devices of the same quality, for Spanish and Portuguese citizens. The Health Minister also mentioned that this initiative will set the start of centralised drug negotiations while granting access to a higher number of drugs and innovative therapies (although not focusing on orphan medicinal products).

The process will initially be tested with a selected medicine, by running a pilot of the joint procurement process.

The agreement between Spain and Portugal, although comparable to the “BeneluxA” initiative, has many significant differences as the focus between Spain and Portugal is achieving joint procurements compared to HTA collaborations, Horizon Scanning, information sharing and Pricing & Reimbursement between the countries participating in “BeneluxA”.

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Published on 19. July 2017 in News EU, News Spain