Brexit Health Alliance (BHA) states its five negotiation health priorities

The BHA is a group of NHS representative bodies that has been established to voice both the opinions of those working in a healthcare environment and those using health services, on the official process of the UK leaving the EU.

Working towards its main goal, to establish the strongest possible position for the UK after Brexit, the Alliance proposed key negotiation priorities that the negotiators much try to attain in order to secure “the best possible results for patients and healthcare”. These are:

  1. Maximum levels of research and innovation collaboration
  2. Regulatory alignment for the benefit of patients and population health
  3. Preservation of reciprocal healthcare arrangements
  4. Robust coordination mechanisms on public health and wellbeing
  5. A strong funding commitment to the health and public health sectors

More information on the key points can be found here.

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Published on 1. August 2017 in News EU, News UK