Innovative Imaging Technique Could Predict Whether Breast Cancer Will Spread to the Lung

An innovative imaging technique that could predict whether breast cancer will spread to the lung has been developed by scientists who were part funded by the Medical Research Council and Breast Cancer Now. A study published in Theranostics demonstrated that in mice the new non-invasive imaging method can be used to detect changes in the lungs that signal breast cancer may soon spread there. If this technique is validated in humans, this approach could potentially prevent breast cancer spread.

Dr Mariana Delfino-Machin, MRC Programme Manager for Cancer, said: “Innovative, non-invasive imaging methods like this, which can help predict and diagnose disease as early as possible and avoid the discomfort of current invasive tests, have the potential to greatly impact cancer treatment and outcomes.

Tor read the medical research council press release, please click here.

To read the study published in Theranostics, please click here.

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Published on 16. August 2017 in Interesting Reads