Life Sciences Industrial Strategy Published

The Life Sciences Industrial Strategy has been published. The report, written by Life Science’s Champion Professor Sir John Bell, provides recommendations to government on the long term success of the life sciences sector. The strategy has been developed in collaboration with industry, academia, charity, and research organisations.

The recommendations and 7 themes of the report include:

  • Establishing Health Advanced Research Programme (HARP) – with the goal to create 2-3 entirely new industries in the next 10 years
  • Reinforcing the UK science offer – improving clinical trials capabilities and increase funding for basic science
  • Growth and infrastructure – through fiscal support, manufacturing of life sciences products for export and supporting life sciences clusters
  • NHS collaboration – The Accelerated Access Review should be adopted with national routes to market streamlined and clarified, including for digital products.
  • Data – Establish two to five Digital Innovation Hubs providing data across regions of three to five million people.
  • Skills – Establish a migration system to recruit and retain highlight skilled workers from the EU and beyond; Skills Action Plan to deliver a reinforced skills action plan across the NHS, commercial and third sectors based on a gap analysis of key skills for science.
  • Regulation

The strategy states that, “enhancing the UK’s capabilities for discovery and development of new medicines, creating new diagnostics and medtech capabilities, and building companies that develop whole new areas of medical innovation using data analytics, artificial intelligence and engineering will allow the UK economy to benefit from the next exciting era of health-related innovation and will also provide the tools for transforming our healthcare system.”

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To read the Industrial Strategy, please click here.


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Published on 30. August 2017 in News UK