MMIP Requests Funds for New Centres of Excellence for Medicines Manufacturing

Government support in the form of funding has been requested from the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP) in order to create four Centres of Excellence, in accordance with the Partnership’s “Manufacturing Vision for UK Pharma”.

The Centres, if created, would be a Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre in Scotland, a facility for manufacturing complex medicines and handling of high-potency materials, a centre for developing advanced packaging technology and smart devices for new medicines and a centre for manufacturing advanced cell and gene therapies.

The establishment of these Centres, for which the cost is estimated to be £140 million, will provide support in:

  • diagnostics and packaging
  • advanced therapy production and small molecule processing
  • providing new highly-skilled roles in all regions

Andy Evans, the chair of the MMIP stated:

“The UK is already one of the best places in the world to research and develop exciting new medicines for hard-to-treat diseases, but needs to improve when it comes to manufacturing and packaging them, ready to go to patients. This new infrastructure is needed to ensure high-value jobs in manufacturing and packaging with know-how scales and grows here.”

The return of the investment over three years is planned to be through service fees for using the technology resources that would be offered and by indirect investment from global companies expanding to the UK. The plan has been supported by the BioIndustry Association (BIA), the Association of the British Pharmaceuticals Industry (ABPI) and the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI).

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Published on 23. August 2017 in News UK